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Meet Our Pastor: Pastor Ronnie Tyler

Rev. Ronnie Tyler was blessed to begin this lifelong journey as a servant of God; a dedicated member of the Trustee Ministry.  God continued to feed and nurture him as he moved into the office of Deacon.  Finally submitting to the ultimate call on his life, he was licensed to preach this great gospel in March of 2001 by the Chalk Hill Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. John Dingle.  God’s hand continued to move in his life and he was ordained in September of 2002 by the Chalk Hill Baptist Church and the Cedar Branch Association.  Rev. Tyler remained humble as he learned more about the Love and Sacrifices of our Savior through observation, instruction and personal experiences.  As God increased him spiritually, He also enlarged his physical territory.  

In December of 2003 Rev. Tyler was called to pastor his home church, Chalk Hill Baptist Church in Wagener, South Carolina where he remains as the under shepherd.  Through his genuine love for people, God directs Pastor Tyler to work effectively within the multi-generational congregation in efforts to build Our Father’s kingdom here on earth.  He  currently serves as the Moderator of the Cedar Branch Association and Vice President of the Wagener-Cresent Cities Improvement League.

Along with a congregation of praying saints, Pastor Tyler is supported by his wife of 30 years, Deborah Landy Tyler, their two sons, Rontreal and Ronnie, daughter-in-law Arthesia.  God answered his prayers for a large family and blessed him with four beautiful grandchildren; Aiden, Caitylyn, Cameron and Elias.

Pastor Tyler stands on the principles of Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things  shall be added unto you.

He has allowed the vision to unfold right before my very eyes. Some of the offspring’s from our Chalk Hill/Tyler matrimony have been our anointed praise team, “Vision of Praise”, “Women of Titus” where our spiritually strong women draw strength and encouragement from each other, Marriage Enrichment, SSH-– Single, Saved and Happy, a ministry designed for single members and “Let’s Talk About It”, a forum designed to encourage our youth to discuss their feelings. We also are blessed to have an awesome team of “Praise Dancers” that gracefully enhance our services.

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