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About Chalk Hill Baptist Church


Both men and women from our community envisioned a great place to worship God. In that light began the birth of the Chalk Hill Baptist Church.


Since the humble beginning of the Brush Arbor some 130 plus years ago, under the guiding hands of God, Chalk Hill has prospered.

The first meeting was called in the home of Emanuel Gantt in 1875. Out of this group only three men could read the scripture; Rev. E.Z. Gantt, Lic. Thomas Basket and Deacon Amos Gunter. The reading was done by torch light because of no money to buy kerosene. Emanuel Gantt donated the land for Chalk Hill’s first sanctuary. The first pastor is unknown, as near as history could be discovered; the Rev. Richburg served in the early organizing of the church. The church took its name from it close proximity to the chalk pit.

The church has been burned down twice and rebuilt six times, and remodeled once yet God has blessed us with a great level of elevation both spiritually and physically each time.

The Chalk Hill Baptist Church was blessed to have two other churches emerge from its humble beginnings. Those churches are Saron Baptist Church in Wagener, South Carolina and Tabernacle Baptist Church which is located in the community of Leesville, South Carolina.


In December of 2003 we changed history forever when we, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, selected our very own Son of the House, Rev. Ronnie Tyler as our pastor. Pastor Tyler currently leads our flock. His humbleness and his true servitude to God have allowed blessings to constantly flow in our church house.

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