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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Chalk Hill Baptist Church in Wagener, South Carolina. We are a loving church which started from very humble beginnings. Through our years of growth, we’ve never lost the concept of true worship. Our goal is to serve God in a manner that encourages others to following Christ also.

It is my goal as pastor to strengthen of the believer through the knowledge of God’s word and by way of meaningful worship. God is constantly providing us with an abundance of resources to ensure that we continue to grow spiritually.

I believe that if you first strengthen the individual, then the household becomes strong. When the household becomes strong, then the church becomes strong. When the church becomes strong, then the community becomes strong. When the community becomes strong, then we are empowered as a people.  I invite you to join our worship services anytime.

 Pastor Ronnie Tyler

Chalk Hill Baptist Church

3419 New Holland Rd, Wagener, SC 29164

Telephone: 1-803-564-3954

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Chalk Hill Baptist Church

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